Though a lot of Americans prefer buying small cars, there are still some who include trucks in their list of car choices. This is probably because trucks offer several features that cannot be found in smaller vehicles: spacious interior, excellent engine performance, and utility. Like shopping for any other vehicle, certain considerations should be made when purchasing a truck:


Trucks are classified into two types according to size: full-sized trucks and compact trucks. Full-sized trucks are mostly recommended for those who prefer to carry large cargo. Although they are bulkier compared to other vehicles, full-sized trucks provide the same comfort and convenience like those in luxury vehicles. Compact trucks, on the other hand, are smaller than full-sized trucks. They have served as a good competition among off-road vehicles because of they built and heavy-duty features.

Body style

Aside from size, trucks are classified into three body styles: regular, extended cab, and crew cab. Regular cabs are two-door vehicles with one row of seats. Since the space is quite limited, they can only accommodate only a few people. However, what they lack in passenger space, they make up for in cargo capacity. Extended cabs, on the other hand, have two rows of seats that can accommodate up to four people. These have rear clamshell doors so passengers can access the rear seats. Crew cabs are the biggest among the three body styles. These are four-sized door trucks that can accommodate at most six people. Though trucks have different body styles, it can be noted that they are capable of holding cargo of great quantities.

Fuel economy

Since trucks are bigger and bulkier than other vehicles, they need an engine that can function well. Most compact trucks run on six-cylinder engines while full-sized trucks have V8 and V10 engines. For instance, Chevrolet 1500 Ontario car dealers can offer has a V8 cylinder engine. It is advisable to choose a truck that runs on diesel engine since they are more capable of towing heavy cargo and providing better mileage.

Interior and other features

Trucks may look bulky and built for power, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be luxurious. In fact, most truck models like the Chevrolet 2500hd Ontario dealers offer are equipped with fine interior seating, automatic controls, and audio systems. What’s even better is that they have safety devices like front airbags, security systems, and anti-lock braking systems.


Trucks are considered as one of the cheapest types of cars in the automobile industry. However, luxurious and premium models like the Chevrolet 3500hd Ontario dealers offer can sell for about $ 50,000.  Secondhand trucks are much cheaper, and are usually available at  used car lots.

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