In the couple of words Chevrolet Beat is utterly volume puller. The General Motors has launched its Advanced SMARTECH II Technology charged 1.2L Powerhouse with Port Deactivation Technology, EGR and overhead cam. It’s being considered as rogue hatchback because of its fiercing performance with highly activated fuel economy of 18.6 km/l. In go-green terms, it has been compliant with the advancement of BS IV emission norms which gives you an eco-friendly drive. To catch it on dominant performance, its engineers have hooked it up with the high-tech technology to refine driveline noise and vibration characteristics.

Chevrolet Beat has been smartly torn out between two conflicting attributes of alpine performance and easy-on-pocketbook price range i.e. Rs 355,490 to Rs 473,824. For the hatchback we can say that its name has wrapped all the secrets about. Truly speaking, Beat – the rhythmic composition of power, performance and shapeliness. Presently both of its LPG and Petrol versions are available in domestic market with commanding performance of S-TEC II Technology. And to amaze its consumers the GM is ready to launch its latest diesel composition that is also expected to unite with futuristic characteristics. So, the days are pacing to unfold the mystery of diesel delight.The official date has not yet announced but with the inklings it may be fallen in the first week of active month.

To yearning for precedence in contending segment Chevrolet Beat has been designed to give futuristic approach to its by-standers. Its Corvette inspired interior, alluring exterior and responsive engine ensures its users to have pulsative drive experience. To make its front more dynamic its designers have hooked it up with smartly designed front grille and bewitching Chevrolet emblem. Its bold headlamps with noticeable fog lamps have been wrapped with its structure to give this hatchback an entirely different preposition. Its designers have made it with all bells and whistles of appearance that sparkle it with subtle blend of wit and charm.

In the longer run, Chevrolet Beat has got its life-beats with 4-Cylinder, 16V, DOHC engine that is smart enough to generate the maximum power of 83 Ps at 108 Nm of torque. And the LPG kit is adorned with the symphonic technology of S-TEC II that is adaptive to generate the aggressive power of 80.5 Ps with admitting fuel efficiency of 18.6 km/l.

Lets have a clever walkthrough with intelligent Chevrolet Beat.

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