Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Don’t spend your time on a wild goose chase. Chevrolet Beat is the best option to pick for your desires with Advanced SMARTECH II Power-train. This masterpiece is the brainchild of General Motors which has intended to blow down its contending rivals in the dust storm of it. And it’s just one step closer to fly over it. The company has used somewhat all of its tactics to get it into the shell of Charles Herbert Best and got succeeded. To make its consumer happy GM has wrapped it into the gift wrapper of fit-to-pocket price range of Rs 355,490 to Rs 473,824.

To amaze the world with the sensational performance of Chevrolet Beat, the crackerjacks of Chevrolet India has used their finest engineering. They have equipped it with all of the bells and whistles of smarter performance so that it can also confront in hard-as-nails conditions. Its SMARTECH II engine is gets fitted with Port Deactivation Technology, EGR and dual overhead cam so that it can perform upto its best amplitude. With this Beat has carved a niche into the sphere of fuel optimization of 18.6 km/l and also into green sphere with less carbon emissions.

In terms of appearance, the fashioners of Chevrolet Beat have touched it up with all of their expertise to breezes the sense of sunshine after the storm. To mark the oneness they have tagged the company’s emblem with designer grille; Aggressive headlamps to derive great pleasure with its lightning and style; Moon-like fog lamps to have clear vision in foggy days; Dynamic side profile with beautiful creases, crisp lines, beltline, beautiful wheel arches, etc; Smartly designed tail lamps with unique twin-barrel design.

The elegant interior of Chevrolet Beat is bedecked to personify the calmness and serenity. Inside, it has ample storage compartments to give you the ease of carrying essentials. Its distinctly designed Instrument Cluster amplifies its functionality and also trendy appeal.

Creators of Chevrolet Beat have equipped it with reliable safety features for feel-free drive. They have armed it with ABS technology to prevent its wheels from locking. It also includes dual airbags, safety cage, front and rear crumple zone. Icing on the cake, the safety measures of it have got 4-Star NCAP safety rating to make believes it occupant secure drive.

With all tectonics the Chevrolet Beat is pointlessly sensation and to amplify it the GM have planned to introduce its diesel desire in the guise of Chevrolet Beat Diesel in the last week of active month. To make it consumer-friendly the makers of it have blessed it with the fuel optimization of 24 km/l which is quite impressive. The proficient of Chevrolet India are also busy in materializing to their concepts of five cars to expend its Indian portfolio.

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