The Chevrolet HHR is a stylish, compact station wagon with a retro shape. The HHR is difficult to place as it is not big enough to qualify as a family vehicle nor is it small enough like a sports car. Additionally, it has no niche market which is a good thing. Three things that are not confusing about the
2011 HHR are:

It has a very spacious interior.
The exterior is stylish and classical.
Its engine performance is ideal for its size.


The interior has a lot of room for passengers and cargo alike and cargo space is easily expanded by folding away the passenger seating. In addition to having a lot of space, the interior also has plenty of features that would more likely be found in higher-end vehicles. It has OnStar services, XM satellite radio, cruise control and a host of other features to make the ride comfortable.


The exterior has a very specific shape that is reminiscent of the Chevrolet trucks and cars made in the 1940s. The shape is cute and the fact that the frame sits on 16 x 6.5 inch steel wheels makes it cuter. The shape can also be described as practical because it is tall in the back thus allowing more interior head and cargo room space.


The 2.2 liter engine is the base engine of the HHR and is available in all body styles; a 2.4 liter engine option is also available for select models.  These engines are similar in measurement but the 2.4 liter gives a higher power output (172 horsepower) than the 2.2 liter engine that gives 155 horsepower. Both engines work along with a four-speed automatic transmission to increase speed and fuel efficiency. The acceleration rate and speed of the 2.4 liter is more rapid than the 2.2 liter but they both have the same fuel economy which is  22 miles per gallon at city speeds and 30 miles per gallon at highway speeds.  All round, the 2.4 liter engine is a better choice for buyers because it is faster, more powerful and has the same fuel economy as the 2.2 liter engine

The 2011 HHR is an outstanding deal – it starts at $ 18,720 and is in the same price range as many compact sedans. This is reasonable since both models have virtually the same amount of interior space. The HHR is unexpectedly spacious on the interior, even having an ample amount of cargo space, the features on the inside are also welcoming and quite frankly, nice. The exterior is very specific in its shape therefore it takes a specific taste to love it but the most impressive feature of the wagon is its engine. The 2011 HHR engine has little competition from any used HHR engine because it was repowered and revamped for 2011.

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