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Chevy 350 Motors for Automobiles and Marine Engines

Chevrolet is undoubtedly the first choice of worldwide automobile customers when it comes to the purchase of car, SUV, truck, marine engines, vans or even hybrid modeled cars. Many hybrid models are also released by Chevrolet Motors in the year 2012. Frankly my preference is a shiny new Chevy Equinox, Suburban, Avalanche or even a Cruze. Well evidently the customers have the luxury of choosing any Chevy vehicle which suits my budget and requirement.

Moving onto Chevy 350 motors, they are used in many automobiles like cars, trucks and even recreational vehicles. Ever since it was introduced into Chevy Camaro in 1967, it became the widely used small block in many Chevy engines. Today the General Motors use its invention in every machine of its partner automobile models like GMC and Buick. The first preference for a small block V8 was not Chevy 350 earlier but gradually it became popular.

As time passed by, General Motors manufactured many derived instruments of Chevy 350 motor for its other brands with Saturn being an exception to this. But nothing seems to hold the number 1 position than this motor. Even the used and rebuilt Chevy engines stand in Top 10 List of most wanted spare parts in the market today.

Today the Chevy 350 is also available as a spare or replacement part also. There are not many technical problems encountered by Chevy 350 owners. Yet the motor definitely requires frequent maintenance and servicing of it. Even the used engines serve the new models well but for some over-heating problems. Contrary to this, there were complaints that the engine delay starts in winter. Overcoming these minor problems, Chevy 350 still happens to be the favorite of automobile owners.

There is a high demand for these Chevy 350 engines in the marine machinery as well. There were comparisons of this product with Ford 289 Engine. But Ford Motors couldn’t beat the popularity of this one for sure. The success of this machine is owed to its design and the fuel efficiency it provides to the cars. It is due to this reason that Chevy 350 motor is also called 5.7 liter engine. The Chevy ZZ4 is acting as the replacement for its original motor and is the latest model of the same. It yields a horsepower of 355 at the rate of 5,250 RPM.

One can purchase any used or new products of Chevy 350 and its derivatives from various websites today. The company’s official web store does not provide any spare parts or Chevy engines unfortunately. There are other private and government owned vendors/dealers from whose websites Chevy machines and engines are available at very reasonable prices.

Gloria Lee Adams is an auto enthusiast and exclusive writer for automobiles. The information provided in this article makes it easy for the customers to buy reliable and used Chevy engines online.

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Chevy Silverado Sale for Engines Now Includes 5.3 and 5.7 Vortec Motors from Used Engine Retailer

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Silverado is one of the brands in the Chevrolet series of trucks that are marketed to U.S. buyers. Engine replacements for this truck series are now expected to be simpler to research online thanks to the Got Engines company. This company has now added Chevy Silverado sale prices for its 5.3 and 5.7 series Vortec engines online.

This truck motor sale is an expanded measure for pickup truck owners, salvage company owners, warranty providers and other buyers of preowned engines to benefit.

The Vortec engine platform is still found in many of the pickup trucks produced since the 1980s and remains an engine variant that is in demand. The sale pricing that is arranged for all buyers by the Got Engines company is expected to present better pricing online.

“Silverado trucks that use the GMT platform for construction often use the V6 or V8 builds in the Vortec engine base to supply the range of power expected for truck owners,” said a company salesman.

The mileage ratios that can be found with some preowned engines can be one element that a consumer considers when replacing a motor in a truck or SUV. Not all used engines have a low point of mileage and could be at an increased risk of breakdown.

The sale that is announced for the Silverado brand of motors includes lower than standard mileage counts for engines that are produced in the Vortec brand. These units are evaluated and validated by company staff before these are arranged for public sale.

“The sale pricing that we’re featuring for all buyers online can be accessed by phone through our expanded customer service network to help bring a cheaper priced option to buyers who do not research on our website,” the salesman included.

The Got Engines company has arranged more than one successful sale program in 2013 and plans to continue with price lowering initiatives are in the planning stages for a 2014 roll out. All company announcements are now made through media sources or can be accessed on the company website at


The company supplies motors that are in preowned condition for prices that are currently under the average retail marketed by most automotive companies selling replacement engines online. This company has remained a top distributor of used condition engines based on foreign and American builds available. The company has constructed and updated its resourceful website online and more than 1000 engine pages are included for online research. The company customer service team responds promptly to all requests for pricing and additional information about all engines that are listed for immediate sale online.

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2014 Silverado Engines Now Listed for Sale in Used Condition at Top Engine Company Website

Sandusky, OH (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

New trucks are created each year by U.S. automakers although not every company upgrades the design and performance of each engine. The Got Engines company is now showcasing its 2014 Silverado engines that are available in used condition through its website at

The arrival of these units online is one way that now in place to attract more GM truck owners seeking engine replacements. The standard edition 4.3 and 5.3 Vortec based engines are included in the Silverado inventory placed online as well as the newer Ecotec3 builds that are offered in 2014. The 6.2 series V8 is also part of the Got Engines listings that are now marketed to GM engine buyers

“GM is the leading automaker in the U.S. market partly due to the engine development each year to improve the overall performance of each truck available on the market,” said one company source.

The pickup trucks industry has changed over the past 30 years as more engine types have been developed. The Vortec family of engines were first used in the 1980s and have helped promote GM technologies to more parts of the world. The company is now providing warranties for the 2014 series motors available.

“The V6 and V8 platforms are available with the new warranty coverage that is offered as a way to ensure that every engine that is sold is protected for buyers of GM products,” said the source.

The inventory that is now promoted for 2014 online has been adjusted inside the warehouse database that is listed for engine buyers on the Got Engines website. All new motors added this year and those in stock from last year are quoted in price using the technological tools presented online. The warranty and shipping details for every available engine are now listed online.


The company is one of the leading automotive inventory centers online continuing to sell discount engines. This company is one of few specializing in the previously owned parts market within the U.S. The website is now part of the company marketing tools to promote its inventory of motors in stock. New tools have been introduced for instant usage online over the past 12 months. The growing inventory of foreign and American based engines that this company supplies to American motorists and other parts buyers includes company supplied warranties.

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Chevy Silverado 2500 Used Engines Added to Vortec Inventory at Previously Owned Engine Company Website

Lake Charles, LA (PRWEB) February 17, 2014

The Silverado truck series that is sold in the U.S. is one of the brands that has helped the GM company to expand its sales each year. The Got Engines company sells replacement motors for trucks online and is now including Chevy Silverado 2500 used engines in its Vortec inventory at

These used engines are helping to build a larger pickup truck inventory of motors for sale in the U.S. The 2500 series motors are now offered in two different sizes to make sure that every buyer online has multiple choices for engine replacements. The 6.0 and 8.1 series V8 engines have now joined the smaller motors also listed for U.S. sale online.

“The used Vortec motors that we’re marketing online include our top sale pricing of this year to introduce a more respectable level of pricing for used parts buyers,” said one company source.

The Silverado engines that are included in the Got Engines inventory are eligible for the new OEM protection plans for parts that have been introduced this year. A specialized warranty plan is now included along with each standard or HD edition motor that is sold to U.S. buyers. These policies are included in the marketed sale price online.

“Our GM inventory has doubled in size over the past year online to create more solutions to find used motors that are now available for a majority of past and present vehicle types,” said the source.

The Got Engines company inventory of truck motors online is now adjusted to promote the new 2500 series motors inventory and complete pricing for other automaker units in stock. A person who is searching for engine brands not listed online can call the service department at 1-866-320-1065 to find up to the minute prices.


The company supplies automotive engines online to U.S. buyers at affordable prices. This company has used its presence online to promote discounted engines and to educate consumers about engine quality. The company staff help to acquire all of the inventory that is marketed on the company homepage. The better solutions for researching engines for sale online added this year has improved the amount of orders processed by this company. The phone support and easier contact methods have improved customer service ratios.

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Chevy Silverado 3500 Used Engines Now Include Vortec and Duramax Editions for Sale at National Engines Company Website

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) February 23, 2014

The larger branded Silverado trucks created in 1999 by GM continue to carry the 3500 one-ton distinction in the U.S. The engines used in these pickup trucks are currently available for purchase through the Got Engines website. This company is including Chevy Silverado 3500 used engines in Duramax and Vortec builds at

The offering of these dual types of motor vehicle engines for the Chevy truck series is meant to introduce more types of inventory to the public. The 6.5 Duramax diesel engines for the 3500 series trucks are expanding the non-gasoline inventory while the 6.0 Vortec brand is contributing to the V8 editions in gasoline builds.

“We continuously support General Motors engines to help our customers to locate a low mileage unit from a trusted second hand source on the Internet,” said one company source.

The 3500 Silverado series motors currently available for sale are expanding the pickup truck engines listed at the Got Engines company this year. As a way to provide additional assurance to buyers in 2014, a brand new OEM parts warranty is available for every engine shipped. These plans are included in the selling price of every listed motor on the Internet.

“Every one of our diesel or gasoline pickup truck engines for Chevrolet vehicles now includes our own parts warranty for purchasers,” said the source.

The offering of an original warranty program as well as new sticker prices is designed to improve the assurance of every used engines buyer using the Got Engines company this year. The faster research currently available using the open warehouse search platform on the company homepage gives consumers full access to prices and other company created policies.


The company provides engines that are discounted for sale in the United States. This company has increased its inventory over the past several years to create one of the largest U.S. sources to find used engines for sale. The company supplies warranties for its inventory to grow the customer assurance ratios for every engine shipped. The no charge shipping that is now provided to all customers is part of new policy changes that have been set into motion for this year.

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Chevy Impala Engine in Used Condition Discounted for Web Sales at National Engines Retailer

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

The Impala vehicle brand in the Chevrolet family still remains as one of the top motor vehicles for the GM company. The Got Engines company is now selling used condition Chevy Impala engine inventory online. This company is attaching a web sales discount at

The Impala motors that have been acquired through outside sources this year have helped to create the new discount levels available. The classic 5.7 LT1 builds were included in mid 2013 as the first installment of the largest V8 series. The new supply arrangements this year has added the 3.4, 3.5 and larger 3.8 series motors in the available Got Engines Chevy inventory for sale.

The web sales discounts that are applied for all Impala motors for sale online is one part of 2014 price changes now promoted. Both the V6 and V8 blocks in the Chevy inventory online have received new pricing for this year. These changes also apply to any orders that are processed by company support agents by phone at 1-866-320-1065.

“The GM motor vehicle engine inventory that we’re promoting online is purchased through our trusted resources to deliver low mileage builds to the public,” said one source from the company.

The Got Engines company has established its website online to deliver full pricing details for all engines in stock this year. A better search platform is now offered to the public when looking up available engines available for distribution. This online system is now updated to include the Impala builds discounted for sale.

“All buyers of engine replacements who are using our website can choose to locate price data, warranty information or shipment details through our research platform,” said the source.

The company is planning future additions to its GM inventory for V6 and V8 builds online this year. These changes to the motors for sale online are expected for announcement on the company homepage. Changes to other automaker inventory marketed online are also in the planning stages for this year.


The company is one online resource to locate discounted motor vehicle engines for most automaker brands. This company provides direct access to its warehouse online through a research tool added in 2013. The company website offers information, warranty details and accurate pricing for all units distributed inside the U.S. The company support agents continues to provide phone support and online contact solutions for engine buyers. Different types of automobile engines are included on a monthly basis to expand all of the purchase options for U.S. buyers.

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