Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) August 08, 2013

In an economy that still has not completely recovered from the Great Recession, seller Green Tree Structures has created a payment model through which people can own sheds for only as long as their finances support. Owner, Reuben says, “We understand that the economy can be tough on people so we are trying to provide an affordable solution to their storage needs.” In this payment model, formally named, “rent-to-own,” buyers can obtain the highest quality rental sheds Lancaster PA has to offer for up to one and a half years and pay for them over time, rather than all at once in what can often be a single, financially fatal down payment. At the end of the 24 or 36 month payment plan, the shed becomes the renter’s property for good, assuming that the renter has paid all of their monthly payments. In essence, it is like loaning a vehicle, only to eventually allow it to become your own rather than giving it back to the auto dealership.

Green Tree Structures also offers this plan with the promise of there being no credit checks on the buyer prior to or during the renting of the shed. In other words, no one can be turned down from this payment option, even if they don’t have a particularly solid financial background. In fact, Green Tree Structures also makes the promise of there being no damage to the renter’s credit rating if they are unable to make all their payments in a timely manner. This means that the rent-to-own payment model offered by Green Tree Structures is effectively a no-risk plan with the potential for a very high reward: assuming ownership of a shed.

The benefits of this payment option over the more traditional process of simply renting a storage garage are numerous. Firstly, the buyer has a shed on their own property; hence, they do not have to transport themselves to and from a storage facility. In addition, if payments are made in a timely manner, the renter assumes total ownership of the shed; this is something that certainly cannot be said of storage facilities, which simply eat the renter’s money until the renter can no longer afford it. Furthermore, these storage garages have no real concern for the customer’s individual financial situation.

Lancaster PA Storage Sheds company Green Tree Structures, on the other hand, states that it is willing to work to find a suitable payment option for each and every single one of their individual customers. The rent-to-own payment plan automatically provides for malleability in the customer’s payment rates and service options. In other words, if a customer needs to extend their payment windows, Green Tree Structures will make it happen, and if the renter can simply no longer afford their shed, it can be returned at no extra charge and with no penalties.

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