To get your automobile functioning perfectly you can get the engine replaced with a more advanced one and get your pick up soaring. With a Chevy, it is very easy since the availability of used engines is not an issue. In fact, the engines for Chevrolet are known for their austerity.

For your pick up, you can choose to get a very reliable engine installed if you go for Chevrolet. For 3500 pickup you have a number of choices for an engine. It is very fortunate that can buy a used engine for your 3500 Pick Up, and save your hard-earned money. You have V6 and V8 engines available that are offered by all Pick Ups by Chevrolet.

Here is a list of engines that would be suitable for your 3500 pickup. The choice to make for your car is all yours. As you see, you have a choice of automatic transmission (A. T.) versus manual transmission (M. T.). If you like the classical rugged way and want to stay in control, manual transmission is for you. On the contrary, if you want to avoid investing extra effort while driving and want to go smooth and choose the easy path, go for automatic transmission. The other basis of comparison of the engine choices for your 3500 Pickup is the engine capacity given in liters. Follow your budget and driving needs decide on an engine power and capacity. A turbo engine can speed up you automobile but greatly increases the fuel consumption. Then is the choice of fuel. In all varieties, you have a choice of having gasoline or diesel as the required fuel. Here are some examples to give you an idea of how the engines are described.

5.7L (VIN R, 8-350) CNG conversion
A.T. 4×4 10-488 (8.0L)
5.7L (VIN R, 8-350) CNG conversion
5.7L (VIN R, 8-350) gasoline
8-395 (6.5L, VIN F, turbodiesel) 32mm oil cooler line nut
A.T. 4×4 8-360 (5.9L)
A.T. 4×4 6-360 (5.9L, diesel)
A.T. 4×4 TH400
A.T. 4×4 TH350
A.T. 4×2 TH400 gasoline w/o bolt-on yoke

Keep in mind that these are only some of the used engines that would go with your 3500 automobile. There is an endless variety you should be prepared to choose from. Follow your interests and preferences when you compare the features. Good luck with the replacement of engine.

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