General Motors well known as GM, the auto giant from United States, manufactures vehicles right from SUV, Small Cars to Trucks. Globally, GM is ranked as the second largest car manufacturer. This huge car corporate is now paying attention on bringing a new SUV which is on the Aveo platform. The work on the new car has already begun, although is at a very amateur stage. GM DAT (General Motors Daewoo Auto and Technology Company) will be crafting the new SUV in the Chevrolet family. A clay model of the new crossover was showcased at the GM’s Korean R&D centre. Taewon Kim, design director in GM Dat has certified that the new vehicle will be an addition to the Chevrolet series with similar looks. The changes will be more in the cabin area, the quality of the interiors, new shades and would be neatly shaped compared to the other Chevrolet cars. The Detroit Auto Show, will have an exclusive sneak of the new SUV. It is anticipated that, the new model will be out in 2012. As per the General Motors Executives, the new car will come with a stretched Aveo platform. The car buyers will have an option of all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive to choose from. The new SUV will be on the same lines of Chevrolet Aveo. The sedan comes in six variants, two diesel and four petrol. The Diesel version consist of two variants of the 1.3 l engine. While the customers choosing from the petrol unit can choose from 70 hp and a 86 hp version of a 1.2 liter powerplant, a 1.4 liter engine that produces 100 hp and a 115 hp 1.6 liter unit. Chevrolet is quickly increasing the sales and service networks to match up the coming demand. In India, General Motors has seen a 13% growth in sales in the month of September compared to the last year’s sales graph. GM is also planning to enter the Indian Auto Market with LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles early in 2012. GM will come with cargo and passenger versions in colaboration with SAIC- Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Karl Slym, the president of GM India said that, GM plans to launch the vehicle in India and is sure to attract the customers.

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