Billings, MT (PRWEB) August 02, 2013

Miniature Aircraft USA, a world renowned RC model helicopter company, today announced the initial release of the Whiplash 700EX at the 2013 IRCHA Jamboree in Muncie, Indiana. The completely redesigned Whiplash model has been fine tuned to enhance performance and reduce maintenance.

“The new Whiplash 700EX design features a helical drivetrain that allows for a smoother, quieter gearing system. With a centralized CG, new frame layout and high visibility painted canopy this model provides enhanced performance and an aggressive presence in the air,” said Josh Wilson, general manager for Miniature Aircraft. “IRCHA is the largest single venue RC helicopter gathering in the world, making it the ideal location to officially introduce the Whiplash 700EX.”

The new frame layout of the 700EX is lighter and stiffer than the original. The side-by-side battery mounting system allows for a wider range of flight battery sizes to be used while retaining a perfect center of gravity. The Whiplash 700EX has a maintenance free sealed one-way radial bearing with higher torque and freewheel load capabilities. It also has the added advantage of allowing the batteries to be changed out without removing the canopy.

Top pilots worldwide have tested the performance of the 700EX and will be flying them during the IRCHA show to demonstrate the helis capabilities. The new model maintains the high quality of the original Whiplash and is designed and built in the United States.

“The new sealed auto unit is now a maintenance free system with reduced drag which improves the models autorotation performance and removes the need for greasing bearings after a fixed period of time. It’s now just fit, fly and forget,” said David Nolan, a test pilot in Ireland. “When I lift the 700EX to go flying I know I am getting a high performance and consistent model that I can rely upon and fly to the limit every single time without any concerns.”

“The biggest thing for me is the battery configuration. It’s the deal maker. Not only is it convenient to swap batteries now, the heli flies totally different. It’s more locked in, the roll and flip rates are improved and it pirouettes significantly better,” said Robert Villanueva, a test pilot in California.

The model is currently in limited release for test pilots only. Public availability for the Whiplash 700EX has not yet been announced, but the retail price is set at $ 949.95. The new platform will be available through Miniature Aircraft USA, HeliWholesaler, HeliProz and Rons HeliProz South. For more information contact Miniature Aircraft.

About Miniature Aircraft USA

Billings, Mont.-based Miniature Aircraft USA was established in 1978 by Walt and Florence Schoonard in Orlando, Florida. In 1987, Walt Schoonard began to market his X-Cell line of model helicopters. The X-Cell brand of models includes the Fury series, the first model helicopter specifically designed for aerobatic and 3d style flying. In 2009, Miniature Aircraft joined the FlyCo family of hobby businesses and moved to Billings, Montana. Miniature Aircraft continues to design and manufacture the best radio control, model helicopters available today. The X-Cell brand is world renowned for quality and flight performance. Visit or call 406.245.4883 for more information.

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