A technical definition of headlights in Chevrolet is something like that: “A pair of front lights which are used to illuminate the road, protect driver from the dark spots and let the other drivers to see you. Your car’s eyes in a romantic view!

Historically the first headlights were oil burning “lamps” and they show up in the 1880’s. For almost a decade all vehicles of that age were using this low level technology. The innovation of electric system and lights as well came to provide a solution and make car lighting independent and stable. The only change after that was the creation of new bulbs which can produce high beam and low beam at 1920.


Design and style in conjunction with high technology creates new type of headlights with aerodynamically shaped lenses and different bulbs mainly replaceable.

It’s very important to consider that safety is the first and last thing while we are driving. There are many hazards on the road which can threaten our journey despite of distance. Sometimes weather can cause many problems. Snow or rain conditions are some of them which can reduce visibility and make various obstacles on road are very dangerous.

We can protect ourselves cleaning our headlights often. Also we can check our lenses for scratches and marks that can reduce the light from the bulb. Ask from your car mechanic to check it and give you his opinion about how to maximize the performance of your headlights. There are many various techniques which can be used. Also day after day technology provides us new ways and parts to install and update on our vehicle.

You want to take part in action before your mechanic? What are you waiting for, clean those headlights!

There are various types of headlight cleaning procedures that need to be done from time to time. Don’t be lazy and make the first step. Wash your car and remove debris and dirt from cars surface, hood and lights as well. Tools? Water, bottle of cleaner, sponge and a rag.  Secondly you should remove your vehicles lenses and clean the inside with smooth moves. We want to clean them not destroy them. So if you are sure that you are going to leave your “mark” on the lenses please don’t try this! Let someone other to do this for you.  I understand that time is money but in situations like these precaution seems to be the way to gain “future” time and certainly money.

If this article was not successful in convincing you and make you spend some time with your car you may follow any of the three choices mentioned below:

Let your mechanic clean them at the annually scheduled service and pay extra money for it. This will surely be so expensive
Let the weather, travel or neighbors kids do the job for you and spend money for the replacement after the completely destruction. (chaotic advice)
I insist clean them yourself and save money and enjoy achieving some more experience of car repair.

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