How superb the car has proved we can conclude this thingt only with comes all-in-all comparison. It’s an effective means to carry out the facts of reliability, inexpensive and easy to fix. Here we are analyzing Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Beat to cast good car to drive. So to have long successful innings with it we are here to make comparison between them.

Maruti Alto, the car with the trusted emblem of Maruti Suzuki is having all the dignitaries that can make it of good value. This is almost in the same vein of Chevrolet Beat. If we go with its popularity then we can say that it’s the most popular car in its segment because it also comes with the trust of Maruti Suzuki. And to serve Indian consumers the company has tagged it with the price tag of Rs 3, 17,192 whereas the Chevrolet Beat is available at the Indian stores with the price tag of Rs 3, 55, 490. If we talk about its trust, it has also been placed confidence of about 100 years. The company is US based and having the establishment of over 100 years with is not an easy deal.

The 1.0L engine of Maruti Alto K10 is beating with the trusted technology of 3-Cylinders, 12-Valve and KB 10 petro engine. It can generate the power of 68 Ps at the torque of 90 Nm whereas the Chevrolet Beat is concreted with the engine of 1.2L and also with S-TEC II technology. All of its technology is make it ace to generate the force of 80 Bhp at 108 Nm of torque.

Maruti Suzuki has made its Maruti Alto the fuel efficient car as compare to its previous small car Maruti 800. For now it delivers the average of 15 km/l on city-roads and 20.2 km/l on highways. And Chevrolet Beat caters the fuel optimization of 14.5 km/l at city sphere and 18.6 km/l on highways.

One more factor is must to be compared i.e. dimension. The company has fabricated Maruti Alto with the dimension of 3,620 mm, 1,475 mm and 1,460 mm. And its ground clearance is of 160 mm. And if we comes to the dimension of Chevrolet Beat then it’s having the length of 3640 mm, width of 1595 mm and finally the height of 1520 mm. It’s having the ground clearance of 165 mm.

In end we can say that both of them having their own appellation. Choice is yours to which one you wanna opt.

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