Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) February 23, 2014

The larger branded Silverado trucks created in 1999 by GM continue to carry the 3500 one-ton distinction in the U.S. The engines used in these pickup trucks are currently available for purchase through the Got Engines website. This company is including Chevy Silverado 3500 used engines in Duramax and Vortec builds at http://www.gotengines.com/chevrolet/rebuilt-chevy-engines.html.

The offering of these dual types of motor vehicle engines for the Chevy truck series is meant to introduce more types of inventory to the public. The 6.5 Duramax diesel engines for the 3500 series trucks are expanding the non-gasoline inventory while the 6.0 Vortec brand is contributing to the V8 editions in gasoline builds.

“We continuously support General Motors engines to help our customers to locate a low mileage unit from a trusted second hand source on the Internet,” said one GotEngines.com company source.

The 3500 Silverado series motors currently available for sale are expanding the pickup truck engines listed at the Got Engines company this year. As a way to provide additional assurance to buyers in 2014, a brand new OEM parts warranty is available for every engine shipped. These plans are included in the selling price of every listed motor on the Internet.

“Every one of our diesel or gasoline pickup truck engines for Chevrolet vehicles now includes our own parts warranty for purchasers,” said the source.

The offering of an original warranty program as well as new sticker prices is designed to improve the assurance of every used engines buyer using the Got Engines company this year. The faster research currently available using the open warehouse search platform on the company homepage gives consumers full access to prices and other company created policies.

About GotEngines.com

The GotEngines.com company provides engines that are discounted for sale in the United States. This company has increased its inventory over the past several years to create one of the largest U.S. sources to find used engines for sale. The GotEngines.com company supplies warranties for its inventory to grow the customer assurance ratios for every engine shipped. The no charge shipping that is now provided to all customers is part of new policy changes that have been set into motion for this year.

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