Chevrolet cars established in the year 1911 but for India, its journey started from 1928 only with the National series AB Touring. It has long been also associated with the silver screen, often symbolizing brilliance in the scenes to leave a lasting impact, Chevrolet a standalone performer has now become the expert of perseverance and excellence of those who are always in the spotlight. Recognizing and associating with the best in the industry, Chevrolet is surely walking with the stars.

After the latest launch of Cruze, Chevrolet Beat is another major launch by Chevrolet  cars India. The new Beat is Rs. 60,000 much cheaper than its other 1.2L competition. Its Airbag version is also much cheaper than the other Maruti Ritz and Hyundai i10 cars. Chevrolet Beat is the best looking small car in its segment. Its interiors are very modern and stylish in comparison to its rival cars. Chevrolet India has also updated the engine of Beat named as Smart Tech and is more fuel efficient and durable. Chevrolet Beat is available in four variants: Beat PS, Beat LS, Beat LT and Beat LT Option.

Chevrolet Beat is a very classy car with robust and sporty looks. The body of the car has a curvier look which is its eye catching feature. The roof of the car has a Satin silver finish look, the bumper of the Chevrolet Beat car is of its body color which gives this car an elegant and the stylish look. Chevrolet Beat is equipped with the 14 inches wheel and is available with the tubeless tyres. This helps in controlling the car easily in off-road situations and reduces the rates of skidding in the watery and slippery roads. Chevrolet car is a very safe car with its advanced safety features. The car contains ABS (Anti lock Braking System) which helps the prevention of wheel locking in case of sudden brakes for the stability of cars. This car also has child locking system which makes you tension free while driving with kids. It also comes with many accessories which makes the fun of driving this car double. The price of Chevrolet beat car is nearly Rs. 4,35,000/-.

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