Style Statement: The beat does not live up to its name in terms of the looks and retains its petrol version looks except for its logo at the rear. One must still admit that the beat is a car with some fun and spice in the hatchback segments.

The room and inside: Yes, once again you get the feeling of being beaten and cramped inside, especially if you are on the higher size. The car is fine for up to 4 occupants but 4 giant people will surely feel the heat. The little things can be taken for with places for your mobiles, purse and the never ending junk items. The steering is like knife passing through butter even the lightest of dabs but requires deft handling especially at the corners. For better grip you can have some leather added on to the steering. In short the inside view is just ok, somewhat similar to the Ritz.

When you are driving: You might want to check the car manual as you start the car because there is absolutely no noise, which is a first time for diesel one must admit. The car can be put in the 5th gear even at 40 kmph. Even for low speed cruise at 30 kmph all you need is to take your feet off the pedal and be in the 5th gear. The car just keeps driving for itself. For the adventurous though you might be disappointed with rattling just at 80 kmph. The engine seems craving for power. The rear view mirror is jammed into the windshield and comes in the way of the front view for the driver.

The Final Result is: The after sales support is not as reliable from the GM dealers but until then one can say that GM has given more than just a good car with a diesel engine. The car is for your daily needs and for a well planned high way holiday but not for long hauls. The entertainment is just about passable. Still some comfort has been reinstated with the USB to the Micro USB in the old beat petrol cars as well. So if you are still quizzing whether you should buy this car or not to buy this car? The car is will be your next best friend if you mostly drive from to office and shopping and the odd get away then the Beat diesel is the answer. If your only aim is buy car and have no liabilities then go for the Beat petrol version and you will be rewarded handsomely. The price of the car cost starts at Rs 4.29 lakh ex showroom Delhi and goes up to Rs 5.45 lakh for the top variant. Off course you are also spoilt for choice as the car comes in 3 petrol variant options and goes up to 4 variant options for the diesel variant. The car comes with the advanced safety features which have a capacity to secure the occupants in case of collision.

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