Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Swift, big affair needs no introduction. Both of the hatchbacks are carrying out the allusion of bigger affairs in the future. So if you wanna rejoice these diamonds at this moment and also in coming future then you should have a close look of them. Through this you could be easily customized your longings. And also the saying is in this contradictory sphere if anyone wanna temper its fatal contenders then he should flow the theory of everything i.e. Forces of Nature. It describes the ideology of life to be race-champ in this fast paced world.


Forthwith, the Chevrolet Beat is curbed with the 1.2L, S-TEC II, DOHC powered petrol engine that gives it strength to work-up to its best. It’s also equipped with 16 Valve of technology which enhances its fuel efficiency. It’s adept to generate the power of 80.5 Ps with the torque of 80.5 Ps. Maruti Swift also seasoned with the 1.2L, K12M, and KB Series petrol engine. It is being equipped to generate the maximum power of 85 Ps at the torque of 113 Nm. And its 16-Valve technology makes it fuel economic.


At every distinct factor the car should be on its best extent. As per claims, Chevrolet Beat delivers the mileage of 14.5 km/l in city-sites and 18.6 km/l on highways whereas the Maruti Swift caters the average of 12.8 km/l on city-roads and 16.6 km/l on highways.


Since long the price makes most of it. If it’s not at achieving edge then there is nothing to get engaged with your desired one. Chevrolet Beat is all in all coming with the price tag of Rs 355,490 whereas the Maruti Swift is available at Indian Stores with the price tag of Rs 409, 341.


Get on to the comfortability aspect of both of the hatchbacks as its also most important bracket to compare. Dimension of Chevrolet Beat is quite impressive. It’s having the length of 3640mm, width of 1595 mm and height of 1520 mm. And its ground clearance is of 165mm. Maruti Swift is having the dimension of 3760mm, 1690mm and 1530 mm. The ground clearance of it is 170 mm which is more adequate than Beat. Ground Clearance should be adequate because with this we could have taken aside the risk of damage from bottom side.


Moral of the story is Chevrolet Beat is the best option to pick.

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