July 25, 2011 the day when Chevrolet Beat Diesel get its first launch in Indian Domestic Market. In the house of Chevrolet India everyone has put their figure crossed because only two days are left in its launch. Now this is the time of paybacks of their backbreaking efforts which they have spending over this challenging concept. Its experts have got little time to prove their expertise and after long effortful hours they have achieved whatever they want to be. They have fabricated all new Beat with new-age mechanism of 1.0 liter TDCi power-train that can generate the maximum power of 57Bhp at its responsive torque of 157Nm. It’s expected to be stapled with reasonable price range of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

The experts of Chevrolet Beat Diesel have claimed they have discovered far-out mechanism for it which will make some revolutionary changes in the world of creations. They have also expected that coming days will get dominated by their creation. To make this dream come true, every contributor of Chevrolet India comes onto his toes so that they can make the most of this time. And also to give hype to Beat’s sales they have done all of their preparations at their retail counters. Currently, GM is having its 250 outlets in India and planning to multiply them to fulfill amplified demands. In this lead, it has also looking towards to expand its sales and service network in 300 locations by the end of 2011 to provide its customer both quality product and after-hours quality service. Company is also getting good response from rural areas and it has now planning to carry this prospect also.

The experienced hands of Chevrolet India don’t want to get missed any of the chance so they have invested about USD 1.5 billion in India. Having this handsome investment, company’s manufacturing plants now could produce more units to comply with soaring demands. In the first phase of expansion its Halol plant can have the production of 2.4 units from its current 1 lakh units and in second phase of changes, the Talegaon plant of it could produce 3 lakh cars.

After having these leafs of changes, Chevrolet India could achieve whatever it has been determined for itself. So, we can say that the entire family member of the company is working hard to make their headway towards success. In this lead, Mr. Karl Slym, President and M.D General Motors India has recently stated that they wanted to hold the excitement that’s why they are not reveling the price bracket of it. And only at the launching time of Chevrolet Beat Diesel they will unveil this secret.

So, are you ready to hold the excitement?

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