The Chevrolet Beat Diesel, which is the latest addition to the mid-market car segment has been basically designed and launched to capture the young hearts. Though this funky looking car was initially launched in petrol, the response from the market urged General Motors to bring out the LPG and Diesel versions. Being a product a General Motors, the Chevrolet Beat Diesel has the best integration of design, quality and need.

Look and Feel
One look at the Chevrolet Beat Diesel and one cannot but amaze at the style by the design of both its exteriors and interiors. Every feature of the Chevrolet Beat Diesel has a classy touch to it. The really huge headlamps are shaped in a diamond form and has lenses that are polycarbonated. The fog lamps has a nice sleek lining to it and the alloy wheels completes its sporty look. The interiors of the Chevrolet Beat Diesel has been thoughfully designed to match the nicely done up exteriors. The controls have been given a touch of icy blue around its corners which gives it a very elegant look. The different storage compartments combined with sufficient boot space, takes care of all the storage requirements of a family. The color co-ordinated exterior and interior gives the Chevrolet Beat Diesel a very luxurious look. The Chevrolet Beat Diseal is currently available in nine shades.

Technology and Safety
Following its usual process of using the latest technology for developing its products, General Motors has powered the Chevrolet Beat Diesel with an XDSE Smartech common rail engine. The engine gives a maximum power of 58.5 Bhp with a torque of 150 Nm. This helps in improving the fuel efficiency and gives a mileage of 24 km per litre. The high power steering helps in easy manovering of the car, be it in heavy traffic or on tricky roads. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel also has an Electronic Clutch Swtich installed in it which helps in detecting any pressure on the clutch pedal thus delivering the maximum amount of torque. The Anti-locking braking system helps in preventing the wheels from getting locked when the brakes are used. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel also has dual Airbags fitted in the front seats.

The cars price in India can be basically classified into three segments the Entry level, Mid-range and the higher end. The various models of the Chevrolet cars price fall into all of these three categories. General Motors has kept in mind to have their cars price in India at a range that can be afforded by many. Inspite of using the latest technology, the Chevrolet cars price have always managed to grab the attention of middle class. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel which basically falls into the mid-market segment has also been priced at a level which makes it an easy buy for all of those who are looking at owning a funky car with all the mordern features.

The Chevrolet Beat Diesel is definately a car that can make its owner feel proud and happy.


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