Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 20, 2014

Expedition remains one of the supported sport utility vehicles by the Ford Motor company in the North American market each year. The Got Engines company has now created a new discount program for its in stock 2001 Ford expedition used engines for sale at

These V8 motors are positioned to sell at a better price point compared to the MSRP rates that were promoted over the past year on the Internet. In addition to the sales program, a new range of motors are now listed for public sale. The Eddie Bauer 4.6 V8 and 5.4 series are included in price drop announced.

“Purchases that are processed this year through our national phone center or Internet website are eligible for the announced price incentives for the Expedition engines inventory,” said one Got Engines source.

The complete parts inventory of preowned motors that are promoted for national sale this year now includes more V8 units from Ford competitors in the U.S. The Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram motors in V8 builds are also available for a lowered price for orders throughout this year.

“The sales program that we’ve created for larger truck and SUV engines is creating new interest in our inventory on a national level,” the source said.

The modifications in sale pricing enacted at the Got Engines company this year is partly due to the development of different partners along the statewide supply chain. From different price levels to longer warranties, multiple incentives have been set in motion for consumers in 2014.


The company is using all of its resources throughout North America to build a more respected engines inventory for all purchasers of replacement vehicle components. This company now features hundreds of different brands of motors that are offered through the homepage. The company support staff are available by toll-free phone systems and currently provide Internet support for consumers researching on the company website. The warranty solutions and low prices that this company markets to consumers are helping to increase the processed U.S. sales this year.