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Fun way to use Canon PowerShot SD3500 IS Camera

I thought that the PowerShot SD980 would take the prize as my favorite touch screen point-and-shoot model after I reviewed it earlier this year. I liked that the responsive touch screen is supported with a few physical buttons Canon PowerShot Camera Charger, and that the user doesn’t need to rely entirely on touch interface.

Will I eat my words after I’m finished reviewing the touch-only, “look ma, no buttons” PowerShot SD3500? It’s hard to say. I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with it and organize some preliminary impressions, and so far I’m impressed.

The PowerShot SD3500 is easily pocketable, and not just in theory – I carried it around a party in the pocket of my shorts. It’s no bigger than your average smartphone, though definitely heavier. The few controls on the top are the only actual buttons on the camera – a playback button, shutter release with zoom ring, on/off, and a sliding shooting mode switch. Other scene modes are available within the Program mode, which is the middle stop on the switch. Movie mode and auto scene selector are the other two options.

The touch interface seems to be the same one employed by the SD980. Large icons on each side of the screen offer access to shooting and flash/self timer settings. All of the buttons on your typical four-way compass switch have been placed around the main shooting screen Canon PowerShot Charger. A “Func.” button pulls up a quick menu with settings for ISO, white balance, processing mode, metering, AF setting, drive mode and compression quality.

Here’s where the touch screen can come in handy. Say you’re at the bottom of the quick menu at compression and you want to jump up the vertical menu to change the AF mode. On a traditional point-and-shoot, you’d press the up button a few times to navigate up the menu. On a touch screen camera, you can directly press the setting that you want to change and the sub-menu is brought up immediately. Maybe that’s only impressive to someone who messes around with cameras all day, but it cuts down on time spent clicking through the menu.

I’ve been having some fun with the Miniaturize setting. It saturates color and forces a tilt-shift perspective that makes objects and buildings look like tiny models. Using it for this purpose, you’ll end up with pictures that look something like the one below.

I’m impressed, though, with the SD3500’s ease of use so far. I’m eager to find out if that sentiment will wear away and I’ll be clamoring for real buttons after I spend more time with Canon PowerShot battery Charger, or whether a few weeks relying solely on the touch screen will turn me into a believer.

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Below A Thousand Canon Ip3500 Photo Inkjet Printer

From April 5 until May 5 only, users who purchase the options from easy to specify the models?? Canon PIXMAiP3500 related products can enjoy preferential policies currently the country’s most upset, that is just to spend 980 yuan will be back home, the price of breaking the low price of this product. Canon iP3500

photo inkjet printers Body design, Teng color PIXMAiP3500 inherits Canon PIXMA series of consistent design, slightly rounded body to ride all the more mature, but this kind of life style is close to Canon desktop printer has been pursued. In the color area, PIXMAiP3500 used IT products are now the usual piano black finish and silver two-tone with the mainstream, which is shared by the majority of office of a brand model characteristics, outlines the relevant product portfolio, while stylish and elegant appearance , placed in the desk it would have been a beautiful landscape.

Teng color PIXMAiP3500 Canon FINE technology applications, to ensure print quality at the same time, without sacrificing printing speed. Equipped with a FINE print head and print head means that more and more closely lined with tiny nozzles, and spray a lot more quickly drops, so bring higher-speed printing performance. PIXMAiP3500 print black and white document, 25 pages per minute, while color documents can reach 17 pages per minute, whether the documents used for business office or download page report, can be completed quickly and easily output. FINE technology while the maximum 4800dpi resolution with minimum 2pl only small drops, to ensure that even the pictures can also be sharp output, 4 ” 6″ borderless photos only and 47 seconds.

Modern office have different types of office demand, reflected in the printer means different paper type and size changes. PIXMAiP3500 standard two-way paper feed function. In addition to other automatic device for the paper, another with a front-feed tray, you can put different size of paper, respectively. If the daily print volume do not worry, the two input channels can accommodate up to 250 pages of ordinary paper, eliminating the inconvenience of paper halfway added. Print photos, only need to load the photo paper for the automatic feeder, the printer is more convenient. This paper from the copier technology, rich color processing capability Teng PIXMA printers feature a large, multi-application in the high-end products before the two-way feed feature is now standard on PIXMAiP3500.

Whether the document to print large business office, or output pictures home entertainment, each printer users are more or less worried about printing costs. Application of a stand-alone ink cartridges PIXMAiP3500, able to print cost-effective realization of economic and reasonable. This is due to PIXMAiP3500 using a separate set for each color of the stand-alone ink cartridges, used the same color for the same color, more suitable than the regular print and large print users. For black and white document printing PGI-5BK black ink greater capacity, lower cost to print the document. Canon’s advanced ink technology with the original Canon photo paper to achieve the Chromalife100 new system, so that more realistic color printing photos, more lasting quality.

Photos with a digital camera records still stored in the computer it? Now only need a USB cable that you can enjoy the fun of making the fight! Teng color PIXMAiP3500 support digital camera directly connected to print out photos to make more friends to share photos happiness. Not only that, log on Canon for your interest in India carefully constructed CreativePark park, to find more printable fun! CreativePark interest in India with a wealth of download theme park, ranging from greeting cards to calendars and other types of origami. Download of interest, Proton color PIXMAiP3500 help you print, your hands feel great fun DIY, print can be personalized, life became more colorful so. Canon PIXMA iP3500

[Price] 980 yuan

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