Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Dataium, the largest aggregator of in-market automotive shopper behavior, today released its monthly Automotive Shopper Intensity (ASI™) report. The ASI index, a leading predictive indicator of automotive retail sales, decreased 2.65% from the previous month after record-setting summer highs.

Dataium predicts the US Retail SAAR in September to be 13 million retail units, a .02% decrease from the previous month. Dataium is also forecasting the US Retail SAAR to be 12.9 million retail units in October 2013, a .01% decrease from September.

Automotive shopping intensity for both compact and midsize sedan segments decreased 7% in August from the previous month, while SUV and truck segments declined 13% and 10% from the previous month, respectively. This downturn is not surprising after months of record-high increases in both ASI and monthly sales. The automotive market has remained strong throughout this summer, with better than anticipated year over year sales performance.

Late summer marketing campaigns from Chevrolet drove an increase in shopping intensity for the Cruze, Silverado, Equinox and Malibu, with the Equinox experiencing its best sales month ever in August according to GM. Due to the brand’s exceptional increases in shopping intensity over the previous three months, Dataium anticipates Chevrolet’s strong performance to continue into October.

Although August was one of the best sales months for Toyota in five years, their vehicles lost consumer shopping intensity share to competitors, suggesting that Toyota sales may decline at the start of fall. The ASI New Vehicle Top Ten was shaken up by 2014 models hitting the showroom floor. Mazda announced its best month of sales for the Mazda3 since September 2012 after delivering new 2014 models to dealers in late August, and Acura’s new 2014 MDX experienced a record-breaking 17% increase in sales. Rising shopping intensity for these two brands suggests that October will be another impressive month for Mazda and Acura.

“This month’s report is far from an indication of slowing auto sales,” commented Jason Ezell, President of Dataium. “The market is still strong from a major summer surge in automotive shopping activity. We love seeing brands outperforming our ASI projections, and Chevrolet, Mazda and Acura have done exactly that with the right timing and marketing. We’re already seeing how promotions and media attention will impact auto shopping behaviors, and as we transition into Fall, marketing will only become more important to winning shoppers over.”

Dataium provides data and research on auto shopper/buyer behavior nationally, and by specific makes, models, vehicle segments, and markets. The index has proven to be very accurate in predicting future trends, consumer intent and desire, and promotional media impact on consumer behavior. The national ASI report is available for download at Dataium reports and dashboards are available on a subscription basis or may be customized to access real-time in-market behavior, sales forecasting, advertising effectiveness, inventory alignment, digital marketing performance, and website design proficiency.

To request complete access to Dataium’s ASI predictive modeling tool on future consumer demand by make, model, trim level, segment, region, and market, contact Dataium at

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Dataium is the largest aggregator of online in-market automotive shopping activity. With its Cloud Intelligence® platform, the company collects, analyzes, and indexes billions of online automotive shopping events from over 20 million active auto shoppers monthly. The company supports cutting-edge data collection, analysis, proprietary research and reporting technology; VisiCogn® Knowledge Center, and is also known for its ASI™ index and ASI™ Awards. For more information, visit, email: info(at)dataium(dot)com, or call 877-896-DATA (3282).

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