Sandusky, OH (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

New trucks are created each year by U.S. automakers although not every company upgrades the design and performance of each engine. The Got Engines company is now showcasing its 2014 Silverado engines that are available in used condition through its website at

The arrival of these units online is one way that now in place to attract more GM truck owners seeking engine replacements. The standard edition 4.3 and 5.3 Vortec based engines are included in the Silverado inventory placed online as well as the newer Ecotec3 builds that are offered in 2014. The 6.2 series V8 is also part of the Got Engines listings that are now marketed to GM engine buyers

“GM is the leading automaker in the U.S. market partly due to the engine development each year to improve the overall performance of each truck available on the market,” said one company source.

The pickup trucks industry has changed over the past 30 years as more engine types have been developed. The Vortec family of engines were first used in the 1980s and have helped promote GM technologies to more parts of the world. The company is now providing warranties for the 2014 series motors available.

“The V6 and V8 platforms are available with the new warranty coverage that is offered as a way to ensure that every engine that is sold is protected for buyers of GM products,” said the source.

The inventory that is now promoted for 2014 online has been adjusted inside the warehouse database that is listed for engine buyers on the Got Engines website. All new motors added this year and those in stock from last year are quoted in price using the technological tools presented online. The warranty and shipping details for every available engine are now listed online.


The company is one of the leading automotive inventory centers online continuing to sell discount engines. This company is one of few specializing in the previously owned parts market within the U.S. The website is now part of the company marketing tools to promote its inventory of motors in stock. New tools have been introduced for instant usage online over the past 12 months. The growing inventory of foreign and American based engines that this company supplies to American motorists and other parts buyers includes company supplied warranties.

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